Evaluate Job Search Materials

Use Case:

  • Evaluate the Overall Effectiveness of My Approach, Materials, etc. Using Prentus' Data


  • To Understand and Evaluate how effective the job seeker's current methodologies and materials are - particularly for specific time periods.

  • More specifically, to evaluate the rate of conversion from initial application to early interviews, offers, etc. (or, conversely, how ineffective one's current approach is).


  1. Advance any job you've applied to from "Applied" to "Interviewing"

    1. Job Search > Job Tracker > "List"/"Board" view

    2. Select "View" and then select "Applied" button at the top of the job card; select "interviewing", etc

  2. Return to Job Tracker and select "Trends" tab to compare the number of jobs you've applied to with the number that have chosen to move forward (and to what stage)

  3. Make adjustments to your cover letter, follow-up messaging, interview techniques etc and assess their positive or negative impact over time (bearing in mind changes in the general job market, economy, etc. as well).

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