What is Prentus?

Note from our founder, Rod Danan:

Hey there and welcome to Prentus! Our goal is to build a job search that is fair, fast, and fun for everyone. But what is Prentus actually?

We are not just a job board.

We are not just a community.

We are not just a job tracking tool.

We are job searching social network where you can learn and earn your way to getting hired.

Why did I build Prentus? Well it started when I struggled in my first job search.

As a first-generation immigrant, I thought if you got the skills, you would get the job. I was wrong. Despite being more talented than others in my graduating class, I was last to get hired. And the reason for that is that job searching was a whole different ball game.

A couple of years later, I started career coaching and then building communities of career changers. I saw insanely talented people struggle to get hired every day. It drove me crazy to the point I decided to do something about it.

Today, Prentus has a community of 1000s of career changers across 100s of bootcamps and schools. We built the only platform you need on your job search with tools, jobs, and people all in one place. The results:

Jobseekers are 3x more engaged, get hired up to 50% faster, and have fun while doing so.

It's still early in the journey so there is a lot more we hope to build from here. Thanks for being part of our mission!


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