Leaderboard & Rankings

How Rankings Work

Each Monday, you will get a Weekly Summary Email covering all the points you earned the previous week along with your new ranking. You only get a ranking email if you logged in the week before. After 30 days of inactivity, you don't get a ranking at all.

While job searching, you are ranked among all active job seekers in Prentus. This gives you a good indication of where you are in progress on your job search so far. After you mark yourself as hired, your ranking will be among non-jobseekers instead.

After You Get Hired

When you get hired, you "win" your job search. Your final ranking will be stored on your Job Search Summary in the Placement tab of your profile for you to remember.

You don't have to stop competing though. Yes, the job search goals won't be around anymore but there's a separate leaderboard for non-jobseekers on Prentus.

Now that you are hired, you have a ton of knowledge you can share with the community. Create a post, answer questions, and share jobs on the community board. That will earn you CP and help you compete against a different pool of people in the community.

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