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Benefits Of Job Searching In A Community Prentus offers best-in-class job search tools, but that's just the beginning. The key to unlocking the value of Prentus lies in the community. As a Prentus member, you'll have access to thousands of fellow job seekers who can assist and support you throughout your job search journey. The internet now contains far more information than any individual could consume in a lifetime, let alone a single job search. So, curation has become critically important. With Prentus, you benefit from crowdsourced jobs, events, and resources. You don't have to do it all yourself. And, you can contribute what you find to help others (while earning Career Points for your efforts). Events Even though much of the job search can be done asynchronously, live events can be a great way to meet people, learn, and uncover hidden opportunities. The Events page will show upcoming events that have been submitted by the Prentus community. You can also submit events you find to share the love! Resources Access to the right resources can dramatically reduce the length of your job search. The Resources page contains a library of resources that have been shared by others in the Prentus community. If you find a useful resource, share it in a post so others can benefit from it as well! Crowdsourcing Information Most job seekers don't ask enough questions. Almost all questions people have on the job search have been asked (and answered) somewhere before. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, take advantage of the Prentus community by posting any questions you have so the community can provide insights and information. Collaborating With Other Members In addition to crowdsourcing, you can collaborate with other Prentus members in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas (but you can certainly come up with more): - Find an accountability buddy. - Find someone to do mock interviews with. - Find others to work on a project. - Find others to review your resume, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, etc. - Arrange co-working or pair programming sessions with others. - Offer to trade services (like coding for graphic design or data analysis for copywriting). The possibilities are truly endless!

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