Completing Quests

One of the biggest struggles for job seekers is not knowing what to do next. That's why we built Quests to always give you a direction to aim for in your job search.

What are Quests?

Quests are challenges you can complete within Prentus that will award you with a certain amount of CP. Each Quest is meant to help you become more familiar with Prentus and encourage actions that will help you get hired.

How do Quests work?

On your main Dashboard, you can see the next Quests you can complete. After first sign up, you will see challenges like "Login every day of a given week" and "Comment on a post in the Feed".

As soon as you complete a Quest, you will see a pop-up animation like the one below and immediately be rewarded CP. You can view all your Quests that you have completed and that are coming up in the Game Center.

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