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Weekly Summary Email

If you are an active jobseeker on Prentus, you will get a summary of your last week and what's coming this week every Monday morning. An example of the content of that email is below:

Last Week

Here's a quick rundown of what you did last week.

Job Activity

Jobs Added: 15 Applications: 12 - Weekly Goal of 15 applications not met
Overall Interview Rate: 5%

Points Earned

20 CP: Sync your LinkedIn profile to your Prentus account 10 CP: Add and attend your first community event 0 CP: Community activity and support Total Points Earned: 30 CP Ranking: You rose the rankings by 12 spots this week!

This Week

Here's what you got coming up this week.


Aug 18: Add a 2nd resume to your Profile under the Personal section Aug 18: Add an event to your calendar from the Events tab in Community Aug 18: Message 5 people on Prentus/LinkedIn to schedule a coffee chat

Next Quests

25 CP: Login every day of a given week 10 CP: Apply to first job and add to your Job Tracker 10 CP: Create your first community post

Your Calendar

No events on your calendar this week