How to Earn CP

Throughout the Prentus platform, you will see mentions of Career Points (CP). There are multiple ways to earn them and multiple reasons you want to earn them.

Aside from making the job search a little fun, CP are a great way to measure how well you are doing at hitting your goals in your job search.

How to Earn CP

You can earn CP in a few different ways. Note that if you are on the Pro plan, you have more opportunities to earn than on our Free plan.

Helping in the Community

Since Prentus is meant to be the most helpful community you have ever been part of, helping out will earn you CP. CP earned from the community are added to your balance once per day.

There are 3 ways you can currently earn CP:

Sharing Helpful Posts

Every time you post, you will earn 1 CP for every upvote you get. An upvote means you shared something helpful or that improved the community in another way. There are no limits to this.

Sharing Events

Every time you share an event, you will earn 1 CP each time someone adds it to their calendar. We encourage you to share career events, info sessions, and anything else career related. Even organize your own community meet-up if you want.

When you share an event, it will have to be approved by an admin. After that, it will show under the Events tab.

Sharing Jobs

On the Job Board page, you can share jobs you find with the Prentus community. These can be tech jobs you found on another job board or an opportunity at your company.

When someone tracks your job to their Job Tracker, you will earn 1 CP. If you are currently job seeking, you can share a job to the job board by viewing that job in your Job Tracker and clicking the Share option in the menu.

Hit your Job Search Goals

If you are a job seeker on the Pro plan, you have goals and tasks you can complete to earn points.

Weekly Job Applications Goal

On your Planner, you will see a weekly Job Application Goal. Our current default is 10 applications which you can hit by adding 10 jobs to your Job Tracker and marking them as Applied.

Obviously, this can be gamed but what helps you more: gaming the system or actually applying to 10 jobs? Hit your goal each week and you will earn 10 CP. No limit.

Job Search Tasks

Also in your Planner, you have a Task list that you can use to manage what you have to do on your job search. On sign up, you will see some Job Search tasks with a CP value attached to them.

Complete these tasks and you will earn the CP written next to them. Aside from the defaults shown to you when you start your Job Search, you will most likely see a new community challenge in there each week. Easy money.


The final way to earn CP is by becoming a mentor. There are certain career criteria like working at least 1 year in the industry you want to mentor in but it's an easy way to give back while having fun. If you want to be invited to be a mentor, please message us in the community.

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